El toro Donuts

They come in a variety of forms.  They look very delicious and you would be glad you had a peace of stomach after you have some of the El toro donuts.  They are made to order and available at the Donut Taco Palace II only!

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  1. Adrienne Alonzo says:

    I am interested in purchasing 3-4 dozens of Longhorn Donuts for Wednesday November 25th. How much would it cost & by what time could I pick them up?

    • Lone Star says:

      Thanks for your inquiry. It costs $15 per dozen. You can place the order 1 or 2 days ahead and you can pick them up during the store business hours (5:00AM-1:00PM). Here is the number, 512-997-8110. Have a great day!


  2. Mac Homer says:

    Get over yourself UT, they are called SLAYER Donuts!
    Or that’s what we always call them. METAL!

    Just call them, “Sign of the Horns”, they don’t own that!:


  3. Mary Campbell says:

    Tell UTexas to hang it in their ear or over their longhorn.
    Call you donuts Cow Fingers or Cuernavaca (means Cow Horn) in Spanish.

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