Welcome to Donut Taco Palace II

1807 W.Slaughter Ln. #200, Austin, TX 78748
Email: austin.yem@gmail.com

About Us

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Our donut shop is based on family oriented shop.  The first one was founded in 2005.   We have unique tacos with veggie and meat toppings and a variety of donuts, including the donut holes filled with a great filling.

Here is our location:


1807 W. Slaughter Ln. #200, Austin, TX 78748  

Bus (512) 280-8789    Cell (512) 997-8110

Open M-Sun; 5:00AM – 1:00PM

Our Pride and Fame!!!

On March of 2010 our Donut Taco Palace II was in The New York Times Newspaper–“Tacos in the Morning? That’s the Routine in Austin”.

Thanks for dropping by!

A place to start a new day a place to have a breakfast

How it all came to be…

To start a fresh new day, this is a place where you can energize your body with a variety of donuts or customized tacos with a variety of toppings of your choice.  With more refreshment such as coffee, your stomach will be satisfied and you’ll be ready to tackle your daily routine job.  Come on in and  try out our donuts or kolaches.  Your taste buds would thank you later.  Have a great day!

Donuts of the day

Glazed: $0.69/Ea;$3.99/H Dz; $6.99/Dz
Chocolate Icing: $0.79/Ea; $4.50/H Dz; $7.50/Dz
Any Donut Cakes: $0.79/Ea; $4.50/H Dz; $7.50/Dz
Any Sprinkle Donuts: $0.79/Ea; $4.50/H Dz; $7.5/Dz

  • Glazed Filled Donuts
    They glazed with power sugar or maple syrup with a variety of filling such as cream or strawberry
  • Blue Berry Cakes
    Donuts made with blue berry
  • Chocolate Cakes
    They are mixed with chocolate with a variety of toppings such as peanuts, sprinkles, etc…
  • Old Fashioned Cakes
    As the name implied, it made with special flour and they come with a variety of flavors, such as plain, glazed with maple, or chocolate
  • Cake Donut Holes
    $0.79/H Dz
    They come with a variety of flavors, such as powder sugar coated or cinnamon.  They are sold by half of dozen.
  • Butter Milk Cakes
    They are made of special flour mixed with butter.  They come with plain or chocolate.
  • Golden Chocolate Donuts
    They are simply donuts covered with chocolate.
  • Golden Glazed Donuts
    They are simply donuts covered with maple syrup.
  • Chocolate Icing
    They come with a variety of flavors of icing on top, such as sprinkles, chocolate, and different colors.
  • Twist Donuts
    As the name implied, they are twisted with a variety of flavors, such as Cinnamon sugar, glazed, chocolate icing, cinnamon glazed
    $1.30/ea; $6.00/H Dz; $10.00/Dz.
  • Filled Donut Holes
    Just simply the donut holes filled with a variety of flavors: strawberry, lemon, Bavarian, Boston Cream, chocolate, blueberry, cherry, and Pandan icing.  Filled Donut Holes: $1.00/H Dz; $2.00/Dz
  • Sprinkle Donuts
    They are dipped in chocolate and come with a variety of sprinkles in different colors
  • Donut Holes
    $0.89/H Dz
    They come with a variety of flavors: glazed, cinnamon, chocolate, and sugar powder.  Cinnamon sugar: $1.00/H Dz; $2.00/Dz
    Chocolate Icing: $1.00/H Dz; $2.00/Dz
    Glazed: $0.89/H Dz; $1.50/Dz
  • Cinnamon Roll
    Just a roll with cinnamon as the name implied.  $1.35/ea; $7.50/H Dz; $13.00/Dz


House Special
Breakfast Donut & Taco: $5.00
All Meat Donut Tacos with Cheese: $6.00
Beef Fajitas & Chicken Fajitas with cheese: $6.50

  • Breakfast Tacos
    This taco comes with a variety of toppings of your choices, such as bacon, ham, sausage, egg, bean, potato, Migas, Nopales, Chorizo.  Two toppings are only $1.75 and with 0.25 for extra topping.
  • Sausage and Egg Tacos
    They come with sausage, egg, and either ham or potato, or chorizo bean.
  • Breakfast Meat Tacos
    They come with either chicken fajitas, beef fajitas or pastor barbacoa, or carne guisada or  chicharrones or picadillo machacado.  They are just $2.50 each.


Small Plain Sausage: $1.29/Ea; $12.00/Dz
Small Sausage and Cheese: $1.39/Ea; $14.00/Dz
Small Sausage, Cheese, Jalapenos: $1.39/Ea; $14.00/Dz
Small Ham and Cheese: $1.39/Ea; $14.00/Dz
Large Sausage and Cheese: $2.09/Ea; $21.00/Dz
Large Sausage, Cheese, and Jalapenos: $2.09/Ea; $21.00/Dz

  • Large Kolaches
    Simply large kolaches
  • Small Sausage Cheese Kolaches
    They come with cheese and sausage.
  • Plain Sausage
    They are simple plain sausage.
  • Large Sausage Cheese Jalapenos Kaloches
    They come with sausage, cheese, and jalapenos.

Croissants and Sandwiches

Plain Sausage: $1.29/Ea; $21/Dz
Large Sausage and Cheese: $2.09/Ea; $21.00/Dz
Large Sausage, cheese, and jalapenos: $2.09/Ea; $21.00/Dz
Large Ham and cheese: $2.09/Ea; $21.00/Dz
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese: $2.25
Sausage, Egg, and Cheese: $2.25

  • Large Croissant and Cheese
    They come with croissant, pepperoni, and cheese.
  • Danish Croissant
    They come with a variety of favors: strawberry, lemon, apple, and cream cheese.
  • Donut Sanwiches
    It comes with cheese and meat.
  • Croissant Sandwich
    It comes with either bacon, egg, and cheese or sausage, egg, and cheese.

Non alcoholic Beverages

  • Coffee
    $1.59 Sm
    Small: $1.59; Medium: $1.79; Large: $1.89
  • Hot Chocolate
    $1.89 Sm
    Small: $1.89; Medium: $1.99; Large $2.25
  • Milk
  • Can Soda
  • Imported Soda
  • Juices
  • Bottle Water
  • Red Bull

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